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Those of you who’ve met Cooper James are most likely aware that he’s a pretty smart fella. He’s never late to a meeting, a great guy to sit with, talk about life with and most impressive…he’s a man of action.

Oh yea, Cooper just so happens to be our office mascot and a 5-month old Basset Hound.

When he’s not basking in the sun and howling at passing horse carriages he can really teach you a thing or two about marketing.


Follow Your Senses

Dog: “I smell bacon”

Human: “Sniffing” out your competition and planning ahead is key


Have A Personality

Dog: I get treats if I sit, right? What about when I roll over?

Human: Nobody is drawn to boring content and badly represented brands


When It Fails, Regroup and Try Again

Dog: So you’re saying I can’t reach the cookie jar? I’ll just chew away the cabinet little by little when you’re not looking

Human: Not every campaign will work flawlessly

  • Review the failures
  • Modify efforts
  • Track progress
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