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It’s All About Web Presence!

Whether your site is as plain as a barren wasteland or has the glow of the Las Vegas Strip, without a strong search engine ranking, viewers (potential customers) may never come across your brand online.  This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play.  Through proper SEO, heavy emphasis is placed on keywords, links, current/engaging content and building the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of your website.  When all is said and done… your site will then rank higher in search results.

Having a great website is key, however it does very little for your business if it isn’t attracting to new visitors.

We Approach SEO From 4 Angles:

REVIEW / ANALYSIS: Our initial step is to take an in-depth look into your website and conduct a competitive analysis. Through this, we are able to properly develop a strategy which will surely boost your search engine rankings (online visibility).

ON-SITE OPTIMIZATION: Digging into the nitty-gritty of your website, this is where the heart and soul of SEO lives.  Within the site itself, we are able to create proper site-mapping and optimize various areas such as the overall structure, content, tags, robots.txt and HTML coding.

OFF-SITE OPTIMIZATION: Here we begin building relevant search engine and directory submissions. We also tie in various aspects of social media marketing, PR/article distribution, forum posting, and Blog updating and promotion.

REPORT STATUS: Finally, a key feature offering of any SEO program is an in-depth report which is used to coincide with market changes and consumer activities.  Outlined are statistics such as search engine ranking reports and traffic reports.

What is SEO?

This is a very common question we’re asked, and with good reason. Over recent years the term Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, has become more and more popular. Many businesses are almost scared to even engage in a conversation on the topic because they’re unsure of what it even means.

Well here’s the answer… Strategy!

SEO Strategy? Yes, without a well drawn-out plan of attack you’ll basically be wasting valuable time and money hoping for something to “work”.

How Can I Benefit From SEO?

Think about it this way… if you’re a Charleston business whose considering online marketing as a marketing avenue, why not position yourself to be found?

Since there are such high numbers of online users (in the billions actually), going directly to the Internet to find information on businesses, interests and people, should be a no brainer.