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Meeting with clients on a daily basis has led me to pose this challenge to business owners and management alike.  Here it is… step outside your position within your business, maybe literally step outside and stare into the storefront from across the street.  Now what do you see – from the eyes of the customers?



Not everything is how you planned or envisioned it when if comes to image. Many times, years of hard work appear great from the inside, only to appear to ‘outsiders’ as outdated and dull.  An image is like a newborn baby in a sense, it needs to be nurtured and properly cared after in order for it to grown strong.


Although many claim to know their business inside and out, do they really?  Obviously we all want to view our operations and marketing activities in the best light possible, however being in denial will do nothing positive for your bottom-line.


A common response I am told when asking someone how they feel about their online marketing activities is that 99.9% of them know they need to step up their game.  Even worse, they have been told multiple times, if not for years, that they need to correct simple issues.  This is a red flag!  Their customers are TELLING THEM exactly what they need to do.


Simply put (and I cannot be more direct)… ask yourself, what image is your business really projecting? Most of all, ask ‘WHY ME’? – over other businesses.


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