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Last week we were honored to accompany our friends and partners (Out of The Box Technology) on a visit to Google HQ in Mountain View, California.

The event we were invited to was a very exclusive 2-day conference in alliance with the International Franchise Association (IFA).   During both days of top-notch presenters from Google and others in the industry, we did manage to break away and see the Google Campus (aka Googleplex).  Here is what we seen first hand and have verified:

Yes, Google does have:
– Free meals in many elaborate dinning rooms for employees and guests
– Volleyball and tennis courts, street hockey rinks, soccer fields and indoor/outdoor workout areas
– Multiple shuttle buses that move employees to and from as far as San Francisco (1 hour +)
– Technically no “real” office hours (certain departments vary)
– Employees with an insane amount of pride and enthusiasm in what they do
– Random Google bikes you can pick-up and drop-off throughout the grounds
– A top-secret development department (Google [x]), unconfined by a budget or requirements to meet revenue “goals”
– A rigorous hiring process
– Driverless (autonomous) cars
– Random cool things (everywhere)… indoor putting ranges, lit up staircases, you name it!!
– A large amount of on-site security
– Massage lounges
– Napping pods (engineering department)
– A huge campus!

No, Google does not have (or at least we didn’t see):
– Flying machines
– A motocross track
– A zoo

Notice there’s wasn’t a whole lot that we didn’t see during our visit.

As expected we learned a mind-blowing amount of new information and now and working ever closer with Google to offer some of the best options for small to medium sized businesses to grow online.

Cheers to the future!


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