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Remember the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s as true today as it was a century ago. In fact, in today’s highly-visual society a single image may be worth much more… especially in the world of marketing.

You want to leave a positive lasting impression with everyone who clicks through your website, turns the pages of your company brochure, or opens your newsletter.


Here’s a short checklist to help you self-analyze the photos currently used in your materials:

1. Consider the content: Do the images showcase YOUR product or service; or are they simply generic substitutes? Do they show people making, using or enjoying the products?

2. Consider their quality: Are they in focus, or do they look like they’ve been taken with an old cell phone or 1-megapixel camera? Is the main subject centered in the image, and it is well lit?

3. Consider their placement: Are the images relevant to the adjoining text, or are they simply there as filler material? If you have a photo gallery on your website, is it user friendly to scroll through?

4. Consider their size: Does the image overpower the text on the page? Is the file (storage size) much larger than necessary (Yes, Google ranks this and effects your SEO!)? Or is the photo so small you have to squint to see it?

5. Consider the quantity: Do you really need show every size of every product? (Like the small, medium and large sausage pizzas.) Probably not, since they all look virtually the same! But if it’s tennis shoes available in different colors, maybe yes.

6. Finally, consider the source: Do you have ownership of or the legal rights to use the images? If not, you may be headed for trouble at some point in the future.

Remember that the quality and variety of images you use in your marketing materials does say a lot about the quality and variety of those products/services you offer. Few things can entice a potential customer quicker than a good picture.

At JTE Marketing Group, we know the inherent value of having the right imagery to help convey your message. Feel free to contact us for more helpful hints or to find out how our professionals can refresh your photo library.

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