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Marketing changes at a rapid pace… let’s look back at this weeks focus on what technology has changed our daily lives.

Long gone are the days when you left work at work, when you couldn’t check your work email or get work done on a project unless you were in the office.  Today’s business environment is interconnected and constant communication and collaboration is imperative to the success of an organization, and employee.

The “traditional” office space was one where you arrived early in the morning, did your work, and left at 5pm.  And when you left work, you literally left work.  No checking emails at home, no typing up reports on the couch late at night, no taking calls at dinner.  The boundary between work and home was clear and distinct.  My how things have changed…

Virtual offices are now the new normal.  Now, employees can access work email, projects, documents and even attend meetings all from home or on the road.  With the increase in applications for mobile devices and home computers you can be easily connected to customers, clients and co-workers at all times.  It doesn’t matter where you are, you can take your “work” with you in the form of a mobile device, tablet or laptop.

This has both a positive side and negative side, as many employees tend to never truly leave “work at work”.  On one hand the boundary between home life and work life can be blurred, and sometimes one’s personal life can suffer.  On the other hand, employees can stay up to date on important tasks for work even while on vacation or when they are at home sick.  Many of us are required to be easily accessible, but it doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice our personal lives for the sake of our career!  Take some time to think about how you can help make the line between work and home a little more clear, your sanity will thank you.

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