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Marketing changes at a rapid pace… let’s look back at this weeks focus on what technology has changed our daily lives.


A blast from the past…

Back to the time when Charleston knew Hugo as a name for a person, not a hurricane.  Back when the Simpsons made their first appearance on TV, Michael Jackson released his album Bad, and when the thought of being recorded was exciting, not annoying.

Two decades before youtube and viral videos, back when video recorders were large and had to be held on your shoulder and not in the palm of your hand. In the 26 years that have passed since this video was recorded so much has changed in regards to videos and video recorders.

In the 80’s funny home movies could only be enjoyed by close family members, friends or neighbors. Now, in as little as 30 seconds your home video can be uploaded to YouTube and be seen by millions across the globe.

The bulky camcorders have been replaced by a 4”x2” cell phone that can be turned on with a swipe of your finger. The reactions of the customers in the 711 were ones of excitement and genuine surprise. If the scene replayed today in 2013 think of how the reactions would differ. We have come so far in the past 26 years, imagine where we will be in 2039.

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