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Marketing changes at a rapid pace… let’s look back at this weeks focus on what technology has changed our daily lives.


Online communication is an ever changing environment where the internet masses gravitate from one social network to another almost constantly.  There is always a newer, more user friendly social communication platform popping up throughout the web.  Here, we will show just how far we have come in such a small amount of time.

In the late 1990s to early 2000s we had AIM.  Common worries were if you had your crush on your buddy list, and what your away message was for the day.  When BRB meant you wanted to politely end the conversation, and LOL meant you weren’t laughing out loud, you just didn’t have anything else to say. The times when you waited for your best friend to sign on and you spent countless hours choosing the perfect font and background for your chats were great ones.

In the early to mid 200s we had MySpace.  With personal pages highlighted with bright, moving text, animated cursors and the latest country song blaring out of your speakers. It was a fun time, but a time most of us would be happy to forget.

Now we have Facebook, Skype and Facetime.  Now we don’t have to wait for a friend to log on or spend hours personalizing pages.  When we want to talk to someone we simply click a button on our computers or phones and then you are speaking to the person face to face!  My, how far we’ve come, and just think where we will be in the next few years as the ways we communicate online continue to change.

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