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For your business to succeed you must go mobile.  Now, we aren’t saying pack up the sedan and sell your products and services off of Main Street like a hot dog vendor.  We’re saying that you must tap into the massive mobile market that is filled with consumers who are spending money online at a higher rate than ever.

Did you know nearly 70% of tablet users make an online purchase EVERY MONTH!  And nearly 80% of smartphone users find stores online before making purchases.  You may have a beautifully fancy website but it must be mobile-friendly or you’re missing out on the countless potential customers that pass your site by even though your product or service is exactly what they’re looking for!  

Now, you know you need a mobile-friendly website…now how can you ensure potential customers find you? Search Engine Optimization!  SEO is the key to making sure you can be found before the potential customer finds your competition.  It’s also vital to have a strong social media presence.  Your potential customers are constantly on Facebook and Twitter, and if you have a social media presence they can quickly find you…once again, BEFORE your competitors!

Contact JTE Marketing Group today to discuss how we can help your business go mobile and how we can broaden your customer base and overall reach.  JTE specializes in website design, search engine optimization, social media management and branding.  We have the tools to make your business succeed!

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