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Every enterprise believes its products or services will be successful in the marketplace.  In fact, you’re so proud that it’s all you want to talk about. That’s a good thing!  But wait, there’s more.

You should also want to effectively show and – if feasible – to demonstrate your products/services as well.  It’s often that lasting visual impressions make the difference between a sale and a “walk”.


Here are a number of basic techniques that should be an integral part of you marketing game plan:

1) First and foremost, remember to put the emphasis on the potential customer.  Let them know how they will benefit by using your product/service:  Will they look or feel better?  Will their work or personal activities be more productive; more fun?  Can they save time and/or money?

2) Your products/services are real, so show them being used by real people.  For example, a dress on a hanger with a plain background is rather boring in and of itself;  so adding an image of someone wearing the dress can add much more appeal.

3) By now you know that there are many ways of getting the written, verbal and visual messages out to the consumer:  Your website, Twitter and Facebook are, of course, the most common.  But don’t forget about the potential for posting video demonstrations on YouTube as well as embedding them in your website.

4) These are just a few of the thought-starters that can lead your business down the path to increased success.  Give them a try… we dare you!


Want more ideas? Want to share some your success stories?  Simply contact our team at JTE Marketing Group.  We’re here to listen … and ready to help.

Also be sure to check out Build Your Optimal Businessour new knowledge base we’ve setup for some quick answering to marketing question.

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