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Breaking into the social media marketplace is not a new practice for businesses or organizations today.  Many now have profiles on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that are designed to reach out to new customers.  These are the business that truly understand the need for an effective online presence.  It’s been found that including links to a business’s social media profile on marketing emails increased click-through rates over 158%, and the majority of businesses stated that their social media marketing budgets will double over the next 3 years!  To that end, it’s vital that your company not only has a social media presence, but that you also utilize each platform as effectively as possible. 

Here’s a good example.  Taco Bell is frequently spotted on Twitter’s trending topic list and their Twitter account boasts over 30,000 tweets and nearly one million followers. The company effectively utilizes Twitter to reach their target demographic by encouraging customers to tweet pictures of their meals every night between 11pm and 2am. They also regularly respond to their fan’s tweets when Taco Bell is mentioned, adding a personal feel to the company.  Taco Bell knows how to advertise their products with their customers in mind; and they also understand that if you’re on Twitter at 1am on a Saturday night and see a picture of a delicious, beefy nacho burrito that the chances are that you’re going to feel the urge to get one for yourself.

That’s a perfect example of a company using online presence and a social media platform to effectively broaden their overall marketing efforts.  Simply posting an image of a beefy nacho burrito on LinkedIn most likely would not be well received, but on Twitter users eat it up (pun intended).

At JTE Marketing we understand how to make the most of your marketing strategies and budget.  Our goal is to help you meet and exceed your expectations through use of social media platforms.

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