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JTE Marketing welcomes its newest member to the JTE Family this week. Sir Edwyn Octavius, son of Neville & Winifred Octavius from the House of Betta has been appointed as the new Lead Mascot of the JTE Marketing Sales team. Maybe you’ve heard of him by his more popular monicker, SEO?!

He is quick to react to every changing environments (a necessary characteristic of any JTE Marketing family member) and carries a “Never Quit” mentality. “Undoubtedly, he’ll be an asset to the team”, says JTE Marketing CEO, John Tripolsky.  A vibrant addition, SEO will assist in leading the sales team as they swim past the competition in 2015.

Next time you find yourself downtown, stop in and introduce yourself to SEO. You may be surprised how much he can help build your brand too!

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