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Property has been changing hands for millenia, but the methods that lead to the sale of houses and property has changed drastically in the past decade.  More and more real estate agents are beginning to utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr to connect with prospective clients, and are using real estate platforms like Trulia and Zillow to quickly and easily show properties to clients without ever leaving the home or office. These platforms allow realtors to broaden their client base and to connect with new and existing clients on a much more personal level.

Here’s a scenario… After an exchange of Facebook messages, a real estate agent in Charleston meets a potential client to discuss available properties.  The agent shows the client several homes on her laptop and brings up the specific MLS listing of a home the buyer is interested in.  After a short “virtual tour” the buyer decides to visit the property in person before making an offer.  This process was streamlined because of the agent’s use of both social media and technology. These trends have rapidly transformed the real estate industry.

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The realtors that have weathered the real estate crisis of the past 5 years have been the ones who have quickly recognized and adapted these new methods and trends.  As more and more home buyers go mobile and social, it is vital that realtors do the same and adapt new marketing techniques.  These trends can vary from one location to the next, as effective Charleston marketing may differ from Boston marketing. It is important to reach clients with the social media platforms that they use the most, and in return make a lasting connection so that you can not only make the sale, but make a client for life.

Here are some interesting statistics on the wide adaptation of internet and social media by home buyers according to the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers.

  • 90% of homebuyers used the Internet to find their home
  • 84% of realtors use social media to some extent
  • 61% of all home buyers did a walk-through online
  • 84% of buyers reported the photos of a home to be the most useful information


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