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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can come in many different forms.  The goal is the same, to rank a website as high as possible on search engines for targeted keywords, but the tactics to get there can vary greatly.  So, what is the difference between “good” and “bad” search engine optimization tactics?

First, let’s start with the bad.  These less than legitimate SEO tactics are commonly referred to as “black hat” SEO.  These tactics offer fast and easy results, often saving time for the SEO service provider.  Results come to fruition very quickly and it makes for a happy website owner, but it does not last.  Often, these black hat tactics involve spamming blogs (unrelated to your business) with links to your website.  It also includes submitting your website to unrelated and spam-filled “business” directories.  These methods offer results initially, but Google and other search engines have made it known that they will not tolerate websites that rank using these tactics.  Within months Google will tag your website as “spam” and remove your website from search engines indefinitely.  Which means that your gorgeous website, that you paid good money for, is worthless as is essentially invisible to potential customers online.

The “good” SEO tactics are referred to as “white hat” SEO.  These are promoted and encouraged by Google and other search engines, and are rewarded in the short term AND the long term.  White hat SEO includes keyword research and optimization of your pages throughout your website.  It also includes image optimization and blogging as well as legitimate link building throughout the internet, linking to your website.  These methods will not only rank you on the top page of search engines, but it will KEEP you there and solidify your position for years to come, so that potential new customers will find your site before they find your competitor’s.  

Simply put… Honestly + Knowledge = Results

Contact JTE Marketing Group today to discuss how SEO can help grow your business and expand your customer reach.  At JTE Marketing Group we do SEO the RIGHT way, and are committed to your business and ensuring that your marketing goals are met.

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