Rants, Raves and Rambling from the Intergalactic Overlord of IT: Volume 1

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“I don’t have the time to deal with IT!” “I can’t afford this IT stuff any longer!” “We don’t have the money to hire an IT pro!”

Sound familiar?  Well don’t worry they’re all valid statements, but here’s the shocker…..it’s not the fault of IT that you’re saying these things.  “Rick that’s ridiculous!  How could that even be correct?!” I’m glad you asked.

First, if you are spending time on IT you’re already on the slippery slope to failure as the head of small business.  Yes, that’s right.  You’re not good at IT so why are you doing it?  Hmmm interesting concept right?  Let me tell you about me.  I’m horrible at Marketing.  Absolutely awful.  Every time I try to save money at it by doing it myself I cost myself hours of time.  Those hours are worth a lot to my company and my staff.  How am I furthering my company to realize its Vision and Missions if I’m editing a business card graphic or creating a web site?  Well there is only one answer, “I’m not!”.  I hire out JTE Marketing as a partner for that.  Further, even if I was I am stealing productivity from myself, my team of professionals I employ.  Don’t try to do what you aren’t good at.  Source it externally if you are a smaller or medium sized company and let you and your professionals focus on what will give your customers and consumers what they need and the best experience they deserve.

Second, if you can’t afford your “IT stuff” that’s just a symptomm of your real problem.  You’re probably trying to control your IT costs right?  I mean who wouldn’t right?  This is normal for any small business and it is a the most common misconception.  “If I keep my IT costs low I can use that money to help grow my business.”  Wrong!  In a world where competitive edge is everything and where IT alone has the lion’s share of the drivers that create your competitive edge you are only slowing your revenue creating ability aka productivity by pulling back on your

IT investments.  Notice how I called IT an investment.  It is proven that there is a sweet spot and IT investment constant for what all businesses need to spend a year to be considered Best-In-Class or even World Class.  Do not skimp on your IT.  Would you skimp on your Sales or Marketing budget and still expect the same or better results?  No, it wouldn’t work.

Third and Lastly, stop thinking you need to hire an IT pro.  You don’t need it unless your organization or enterprise absolutely requires it.  Avoid all those employment taxes, HR headaches and outsource your IT to a proper provider already!  And no, I don’t mean your friend’s kid who’s really good I jailbreaking his/her iPhone.  Hire an IT company that is really worth their salt.  This means that you are going to have to spend a little more than market average for a proper IT services provider, but you are going to gain 15+ people for the cost of one.  What a deal right?

Make sure that they can do what my firm, Stasmayer, Incorporated does:  Flat Fee Managed IT, Flat Fee Projects, Unlimited Help Desk, Unlimited Onsite visits in their geographic territory, On-Call support for emergencies for nights and weekends.  Oh and one more thing.   Don’t make the mistake of hiring your new IT company and just think of them as the janitor.  These are top notch business professionals that have a C Level mindset, but can also supply you with the IT expertise you need so you don’t have to worry about it.  You also need to have this company have a person and seat at your Advisory Board and Executive Team Meetings.  Why?  Well if you’re investing a solid monthly fee with an IT company they should be your CIO and that’s one of the most important positions in the 21st century for any business who is serious about staying ahead of the competition.  That person creates the agenda for the IT infrastructure that will best support your Vision and Missions.  This is what you don’t have now and it’s something that you won’t be able to replicate, I don’t care how sure of yourself you are.

Now go and make the right choice and get the right partner you can trust.  Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to see where we can help or point you in the right direction.  It’s no commitment if you want to talk to us so I encourage you to take us up on that offer.

Now it’s time for a shameless plug.  My company Stasmayer, Incorporated was started with a friend in 2003.  We’ve stood the test of time and love what we do.  We love the excitement and fast pace of our industry and enjoy making the whirlwind of technology changes easy for our clients.  Here’s an excerpt from our website:

Stasmayer is a Charleston IT support company. We provide outstanding technology solutions to professional organizations. The Stasmayer team of IT consultants and engineers use reliable and cost effective technology solutions to increase the productivity of our clients. Our clients include law firms, medical practices, construction firms, nonprofit organizations and corporations of all sizes in the Charleston area, throughout South Carolina and the nation.


Sincerely yours,

Rick Krenmayer
Chairman, CEO
Stasmayer, Incorporated

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