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What in the world is a Quick Response Code?

They’re better known as QR Codes.  Even if the name doesn’t sound familiar, chances are you have seen one.  They were developed in 1994 but have recently exploded in popularity.  They are quickly becoming the new trend in interactive marketing, posted on walls and brochures, billboards, bus terminals and dentist offices are just a few of the places that feature QR codes.

Now you may be asking what exactly is a QR code, and what does it do?  A QR Code is a square block with black modules surrounded by a white background. It is designed for users to quickly scan the image with their smartphones.  After the code is scanned it transfers specific information to the user’s smartphone, such as bus times and delays, coupons, maps or website links.  They help bridge the gap between offline and online media.

These codes are made to be quick and easy to use, so that they can be quickly scanned by passers by.  They open up a wide variety of marketing options for businesses and organizations. QR Codes allow you to get customers to “like” and “follow” you on social media platforms instantly. They also help to drive traffic to your website and service offerings, widening your customer reach. And the major advantage of QR codes is that there is little to no maintenance involved, you simply post the code and let your customers do the rest.



Step #1: Get the App (if you don’t already have one)
iPhone Users: INSTALL APP
Android Users: INSTALL APP

Step #2: Scan the QR Code shown and watch where it takes you.


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