Proving an ROI on EOY Marketing

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It’s that time of year again.  A slight chill in the air, the hectic lines at retail shops and… oh yea… another New Year approaching.  Don’t be left in the cold when the clock strikes 12am January 1st, 2013.

Many business owners see the EOY (End of Year) as a time to either get through the holiday season, or maximize the retail spike.  Commonly pushed to the back-burner is the brainstorming of ideas on improving the bottom-line for the upcoming year.  Don’t pass up the opportunity to get a jump on your competition! Let me emphasize OPPORTUNITY.

When preparing your budget and promotions for 2013, just remember to focus on exactly how you’re going to get your business in the eyes of your target customers.  This time of year is the “sweet spot” for marketing – no reference to the candy (sugar) overdose ahead of you.

It’s time to analyze your image and prepare for either a reintroduction of your brand to the world, or inject a shot of adrenaline into your marketing activities.  A very common misconception around the holidays is that waiting to launch a marketing campaign in Q1 makes more financial sense than beginning it late Q4.  To a certain extent I can agree, however by properly preparing for the upcoming campaign “launch”, a dollar can be stretched much further by marketing effectively and efficiently – rather than just a CRAM and BLAST.

After all, there still is plenty of time to see an ROI in EOY marketing.

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