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Technology-Tablet-300x287The world of marketing is no different than many other areas of business.  Although some would argue – myself included – that business is still based on core principles and practices, it’s no secret that many methods used today are almost entirely different from where they were 10 or even five years ago.

The best way I have to showcase how much marketing has changed is to outline some the technological advancements that have impacted 99.99% of our daily lives in the civilized world.

Here’s PROOF (in no specific order) …

1) E-mail
2) Cloud Computing
3) Smartphones/Tablets (including apps)
4) Test Messaging (SMS/MMS)
5) Wi-Fi (wireless internet)
6) E-commerce
7) Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest, etc.)
8) GOOGLE Search


Looking at that list, does it click that businesses are using each and every one of those techniques to target YOU on a daily basis?  If not, have another look.

They’re PROOF that the business world is clearly in new form.  What methods are being overlooked or underutilized in the operation of your business?

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