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A lot of information and data looks great on paper and is easy to brag about.  “My website got 5,000 hits last month!””We have 3,000 likes on our Facebook page!”  

What do these numbers truly mean to your business?

Are they meaningful, or meaningless?

It’s a huge accomplishment to have a large online presence, whether it is from website traffic or social media followers.  But it is important to make sure these accomplishments are bringing a return on investment to your organization.


1)   If you have 5,000 site visits per month on your website, but have no customers calling you, then there’s a problem.

2)   If you have 3,000 likes or followers on Facebook or Twitter and yet revenue is stagnant, that is a problem too.


You must ensure that these great numbers are resulting in increased customers and profit for your business or else they mean nothing to your long-term success.  Here are JTE Marketing Group, we not only help to increase your online presence and visibility, but we look deeper and search for ways to ensure these numbers result in profitable marketing efforts.

We can see what pages visitors are viewing on your website and if anyone if even getting to your “Contact Us” page.  Beyond the site traffic, we closely analyze demographics of your social media followers and employ tactics to focus on reaching out to those most likely to result in a new customer or sale.

We make sure that the numbers equal RESULTS.  Your marketing budget should be viewed as an investment, never as an expense.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn results into profit for your business or organization.

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