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The holidays are rapidly approaching and that means one thing…people will be spending exorbitant amounts of money in-stores and with online retailers.  While some businesses are slowing down their marketing efforts, don’t fall victim to the same idea.  It’s time for your business to ramp up your efforts to ensure that consumers spend their money on your products and at your business! 

There’s just something about Christmas and the holiday season that makes people happy, and in turn makes their wallet itch with the anticipation of buying the latest and greatest product.  Normally, I don’t buy coffee in the morning, but magically appeared in a Starbucks this morning.  Why you ask? Well, they recently rolled out their Christmas cups adorned with red and white ornaments. While there, I wasn’t the only one either; the line was out the door with people ordering gingerbread lattes and other specialty holiday drinks!

This shows that even the smallest changes within a business can result in increased sales and revenue!  It’s important to be open to change and avoid remaining complacent not only during the holidays but also year round.  Be open to altering your product offerings or adding special offers during the holidays.

Just last year McDonald’s profits jumped from $6.7B to $6.9B in the 4th quarter simply from the return of the McRib (Yes, the McRib).  Now should you offer a delicious “I’m not sure what this thing is made of, but it’s delicious” sandwich or a Christmas coffee cup?  Not necessarily those products specifically but definitely something that makes you stand out and you know your customers would love to see on the shelves or in your ads.

Simply keep an open mind and build off of your company’s strengths.  Ramp up your creativity and prepare for a nice kick in the pants as we once again blast into a New Year less than 2 months away!

PS – Try not to start singing more than on Christmas carol daily until after Thanksgiving.

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