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Marketing is an evolving craft, and the newest trend is guerrilla marketing.  Many people are turned off by “in your face” marketing tactics, whether it’s a TV commercial or an ad on a bus stop bench.  Companies are beginning to try to market to consumers without them knowing they are being marketed to.

One example is product placement.  Take this video for example.

It is an example of guerrilla marketing gone wrong.  It is blatantly obvious and would probably make most people less likely to eat a bowl of Cheerios.  Now, product placement is nothing new, whether it is Tom Cruise driving a Ford Escape in ‘Mission Impossible 3’ or Walter White drinking a Coca Cola in ‘Breaking Bad,’ but there is a difference between conspicuous product placement and product placement that is borderline insulting to the viewer.

Another example is the use of social media platforms by companies in an attempt to reach a younger demographic.  Some companies pay celebrities to tweet out obvious advertisements to their millions of followers, while others like Taco Bell use “twitter famous” users to tweet seemingly normal updates that mention their product or company.  Often you will see twitter users with anywhere from 60,000 to 700,000 followers mention that they just picked up the new Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell, with a convenient hashtag and link to Taco Bell’s twitter handle.  It is a smart way for companies to promote new products without turning away consumers with blatant ads that they have grown weary of.

It is a constant competition between organizations as to who can reach their target demographics effectively and who can get the most out of their marketing budget.  Pay attention the next time you are on Facebook or Twitter and try to distinguish between “normal” posts and possible advertisements.  It may be tougher than you think to distinguish between the t!

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