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Everyone has a computer and internet access…right?  In today’s interconnected world it is easy to think that everyone has access to the internet, but that is not the case.  According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 30% of Americans do not have internet access in their homes, with 54% of senior citizens reporting that they are not connected.

In an effort to improve these numbers and to combat this issue, a Detroit learning center provides classes for senior citizens to learn about the internet and to learn computer usage basics.  Over the past 10 years this center has helped over 2,300 Detroit, Michigan seniors get connected with the internet, which has resulted in seniors becoming more knowledgeable about current happenings around the nation and globe, as well as connecting with family and friends from Charleston, Atlanta, Boston and many more places across the country.

The learning center plans to offer even more classes over the coming months which will include introductory internet courses, introductory Microsoft Word courses as well as courses that will teach seniors how to utilize search engines such as Google and Bing.  To learn more, visit the Troy Senior Computer Learning Center’s website. (

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