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How important is the image of your business?  Well it’s vital that your organization has a positive one, and in turn, a positive reputation.  When customers look at your company logo, storefront or website, it’s important that they view each as trustworthy and welcoming.  Just as you want to put on your best face for a date, you want to put on your company’s best face for a potential customer.

A website is your virtual storefront.  Just as you wouldn’t dream of having your storefront simply thrown together (aka sloppy), your website should be clear, concise and tidy.  You want customers to think less about how to navigate through your website and more on the products and services you are offering.  Keep the focus on the products you are selling and not on less important things such as fancy typefaces and lengthy unrelated posts and content.  Keep your website relevant to your product!  If you walked into a clothing store and at first glance, there were no clothes because they were hidden behind aisles of unrelated “filler” products, you would most likely walk out.  It is the same with websites.  Make sure that what your customer came for is easily available and accessible.  The less work someone has to do on your site, the more likely you are to gain a sale.

Make your website WORK for you.

After all, it works 24/7 and even holidays without asking for time off or overtime pay.

Contact us at JTE Marketing Group to learn more about how to make your website customer friendly and how to gain the biggest return on your investment.  Our marketing services including Search Engine Optimization (to make sure customers can find your site) and Social Media Management (to make sure you maintain a positive online presence).

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