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Q: Have you ever visited a website and then left it, still unclear on what they offer?

A: If yes, then they (the website) have fallen victim to the “designer blinders”!

We’re sure you’re asking right about now, “what in the world are these – ‘designer blinders”?
Well, first you need to step back and think of your own business.

Try this:

Step #1: Describe your business in a short written paragraph. Most likely you left out a very large portion of what you business consists of and what it offers. Because you had to, right?

Step #2: Now let someone who knows nothing or very little about your business read your short description.

Step #3: Have them describe to you about what they think of your business.

After they regurgitate back to you what they think of your business, you’ll most likely notice something shocking. Chance are they’ve missed many – maybe even all – of what you consider to be “key points” in your message.

Now back to what exactly “designer blinders” are. Someone who eats, sleeps and breathes their business has a very difficult time effectively describing what they do in a brief statement. They are “blinded” by the familiarity they have with their own business and subconsciously assume others know this as well. Big mistake!

We understand 110% that this is one of the difficult things to do as a business … to describe what it is you offer (products or services) without going off on a tangent or simply running out of room on a webpage.

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