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Q: How important are the photos on your marketing materials?

A: Low quality photos are one of the biggest “turn-offs” for consumers on and offline.

Just like a website or TV commercial spot, think of high-quality photography as an investment in your company’s marketing goals.

We understand that it’s very easy to snap a quick shot of your rockstar team or products with an iPhone but the quality is almost guaranteed to be far less than what can be produced by a professional photographer.
We’ve all heard the phrase “perception is reality” so why would you risk the image of you business by using less than the best photos possible?

Another very common mistake we come across at JTE is that many people are using stock images that can be seen on hundreds (if not thousands) of other websites and ad campaigns. Although stock images are a much less expensive way to obtain quality photos, be very selective when you decide where and how to use them. We’ve seen and heard plenty of horror stories about this if you really want to know (*wink-wink*).

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