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Q: What’s a website that gets very little traffic worth to your business?

A: Probably very little. Increasing traffic flow is crucial to overall growth.A:  Probably very little.  Increasing traffic flow is crucial to overall growth.

We always compare website traffic to a house built in the middle of woods. It might be the best house ever built but how many people can see it if there are clear paths (roads) and directions leading the way to it. The same is true for a website!

There are four main questions to consider when building a website for your business:
1) Why should someone visit?
2) Why should they stay once they’ve started (venture past the homepage)?
3) Why should they return?
4) What do you want them to do (call-to-action)?

It’s common sense that visitors will dive deeper into a website if they feel the content is relevant to their interests. It is KEY to identify exactly what would attract their interests before embarking on any sort of external market plan to increase traffic to your website. Without this this knowledge it become more of a guessing game on what will work and what won’t. In simple terms, you might be wasting away endless time and expense aimed at no clearly identified target.

Ways your can increase traffic:
– Improve search ranking
– Paid ads
– Strong social media presence
– Relevant / continuous / quality content

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