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Q:  Who speaks the LOUDEST about your business?  

A:  Current customers are usually your best salesmen and lead generators.

Any successful (and ethical) business is open because of it’s relationship (past and present) with their valued customers. These types of businesses strive to provide high-quality products and/or services.  Right?

Now, why not let your customers do the selling for you and help your business grow?  Solid and relevant testimonials from previous customers are some of the best credibility builders!

Now where do you put these testimonials?
The answer is: as many places as you can.  Consider placing these throughout your marketing materials and website as great starting points.

“I was extremely happy working with Company X.  Their service was second to none and their staff was a real joy!  I look forward to working together again soon.”

Don’t be afraid of asking for a testimonial.  You’ll most likely be surprised by how willing happy customers will be to provide one to you.

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