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Q: How and why should I be Networking?  

A: Simply put… do you want your business to grow?


Walking into a coffee shop and striking up a conversation with a perfect stranger is not everyone’s “cup of tea” – no pun intended!

With the countless channels of communication we have at our fingertips in today’s world, there’s no reason why someone can’t begin to network with like-minded individuals.

Places to Network (online):
– Social Media (ex. LinkedIn)
– Message forums

Places to Network (offline):
– Local networking groups (guaranteed there’s plenty)
– Chamber of Commerce
– Industry conferences
– Social events:

After all, what is the point of networking?  It’s to build trusted relationships with others who can refer your business.  Great networking takes some practice, however the end results are some of the best salespeople you can image, and there’s no need to put them on the payroll!

Tips to selecting a Networking Group:
– Identify members.  Are they in contact with your target customers?
– Is there a financial commitment?
– Is there a time commitment? (kicked-out if not met?)
– Where are meetings held and how often?

Read more about this topic and others at and if you’re looking for ways to grow your business, we’re ready to team up!

Start Networking with our team today!

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