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As we roll into another New Year, BrewWorking 5.0 (our fifth event) is slated for Wednesday, January 20th at Revelry Brewing Company in Charleston, South Carolina.

The question “what in the world is BrewWorking?” is asked quite a bit these days.  According to our “in-house dictionary” (a.k.a. CEO and Charleston Marketing guru, John Tripolsky), it’s defined as “a casual, fun after-hours and in-person networking experience.”  Like the name? Believe it or not, we thought many times about changing to something more business-minded, but where’s the fun in that?

This typically leads to another oft-asked question – “why do you host a business networking event at a brewery?”. It’s really just common sense for us.  Not only are we frequent brewery-goers but it’s the perfect place to get to know someone outside of the traditional business environment.  And if you really want to get to know someone just wait until after the event wraps up and they’re still posted up on the bar.

(Disclaimer: we do not promote drinking multiple high-gravity beers and discussing private business matters in a public space – ie. a brewery)

Upon wrapping another successful event only 2 months ago, the emails and calls started coming into the office almost immediately. Everyone wanted to know when the next event would be held and how they can ensure a reserve on their ticket.  Our last event (BrewWorking 4.0) sold out in under 36 hours, with 83 people on the waiting list.

On the topic of scheduling, we’re usually asked “how often is BrewWorking?”.  The answer is “quarterly… give or take 3 months.”  See what just happened there?

Looking back on the decision to start BrewWorking, it was based on the following principles:

  • No long-term calendar schedule of events (details are released within 20 days prior)
  • Limit the number of attendees (under 120) to maintain exclusivity and spatial comfort
  • Offer great prizes (we had over $4k in prizes at 3.0)

I’m not saying BrewWorking is the best networking and/or marketing event in Charleston (well, maybe I am), but its guaranteed to be a great time and produces some serious business opportunities for those who attend.  After all, that’s what networking events are all about!

Now for the big announcement… drumroll, please … BrewWorking is growing outside the Charleston area. NEW locations and venues will be announced for the 2016 calendar.

Want to know more about how you can get involved in BrewWorking? Drop us a line! And be sure to sure to stay in tune with all things BrewWorking by following us on Facebook, as well as checking out for upcoming events.

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