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When you think of Coca-Cola, or when you see its iconic logo, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  

Throughout Coca-Cola’s history they have attempted to market their product as one that brings joy and happiness to the consumer.  This ad from the 1950’s shows Coca Cola as a refreshing beverage, made to enjoy after a fun day ice skating with family and friends.

As time progressed and the 1980’s arrived, Coca Cola aligned itself with popular boy band New Edition, in an attempt to reach younger audiences and to further cement its position in popular culture. This commercial shows the band in a colorful, although slightly bizarre, setting drinking Coke and having a fun time.  logo

Then, as Coca Cola saw increased competition from Pepsi, who aligned themselves with Michael Jackson, they developed a “New Coke”. This was one of the biggest marketing flops in history, and needless to say, New Coke did not last long as consumers demanded the return of the old Coca Cola recipe.

Coca Cola has since cemented itself as the world’s most iconic, and popular brands.  Their marketing and brand has evolved over time, but its message has remained constant, drink Coke and be happy.

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