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The holiday season presents an appealing opportunity seen in a potential revenue spike for many businesses, especially in retail.  It’s not surprising that a growing number of businesses are looking to get the maximum return from this joyous season.

Black Friday has earned a nasty reputation as a day when goodwill and kindness toward the fellow man are trampled (literally) by shoppers looking to save a buck. Stores traditionally open at times only the very elderly are used to seeing on their wall clock. <~ this is cute

My heart already goes out to the employees forced to leave their warm houses in the middle of the night to do 12+ hours of retail battle immediately following a holiday of excessive poultry consumption.  Of course, if we’re opening the doors at 4am Friday morning, what’s the big deal if we open them at 8 or 9pm on Thanksgiving?  That’s what Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target are doing.

As mentioned, I completely understand the goal is to make money, but at what cost?  Where do we draw the line?  I’m not the only one who thinks it is ridiculous and excessive to require employees to work on the evening of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Hundreds of thousands of signatures are already on several petitions against the earlier openings.

In this girl’s humble opinion, no store – even grocery stores – should be open on Thanksgiving Day in America.  If you didn’t get it Wednesday evening, you can live without it until Friday.  I’d love to know how the rest of you feel.

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